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Should you spank or not spank? That is the question and I have been interviewed many times because of my strict fews on this subject. It really is an important subject too and really depends on your own view of discipline.

My thoughts on discipline developed as a child and were passed on by the way that I was brought up by my own parents. Sometimes you really can’t have too much love when it comes to how you bring your child into the world. 

So yes, I do have strong views but it does not make me a bad person, I have been guided by our lord when it comes to guidelines for how to deal with spanking and punishment matters. I hope you agree with me on this subject. Please contact me directly here. 

Is Spanking Really Necessary.

Nearly every parent wants their child to be disciplined and well mannered but is spanking him and beating him the only option? This article is not another guide about how to avoid spanking your child, but it talks about the controversial issue of spanking itself. On one end, parents are considering whether or not it is good to spank your child because it can end up in serious injuries to the child but on the other there are various authorities that support it and the biggest example is the Holy Bible according to which spanking is a necessity. There are people who used spanking as a measure of punishing their children and as a result, their children have grown to be better people but does it work with everyone?

Now, many parents debate on the fact whether spanking should be done or not. Some even believe that spanking makes the child violent and not disciplined. There are various definitions from parents on the means of spanking and its effect; some even say that is should be illegal. Brutal spanking is illegal, but some parents even adopt thinking it would bring discipline in the child. Although the law is quite when it comes to spanking the kids, and there are restrictions it is the responsibility of the parents to be careful while beating the child as the consequences can be severe. Bruises, raptures, fractures, burns and major injuries can occur due to spanking. Although, the law of Colorado strictly forbids the act of brutal spanking that can result in injuries so parents should be careful to limit the intensity of their spanking acts.

Not only the law forbids spanking, but even many doctors oppose it as it can affect the psychology of a child. Even if the law allows it, would spanking be the right thing to bring discipline to your child? A recent survey shows that the discipline and obedience factor can be brought in a child through a better relationship between the child and the parents and caring and loving the child in a better way. Also, the survey states that motivating the supporting the child when he shows indiscipline can be used to make the child realize his mistake. Finally, punishment is can be used to make the child realize his mistake. Today, there are parents who feel that spanking can make the child violent and affect his way of thinking. Spanking cannot be justified although it’s not illegal yet it should not be taken up. Making your child respect and love you and making him fear you are two different things. With spanking him, you might be able to make him fear you, but you won’t get his love and respect. Parents can opt for other lesser violent ways of making your child behave and making him disciplined. You can scold your child or punish him but not by physically abusing him. There are various other ways which are nonviolent and at the same time can make your child more disciplined.

Rewards and punishments are good in toddler discipline as long as the parents are watching. But, you should teach to develop his self motivation. Some parents use spanking because they think that their toddlers will be highly obedient if they use physical punishment.

If you concentrate on obedience, your toddler becomes passive or more aggressive. Physical punishment affects the relationship between you and your toddler because no one feels loving towards someone who intentionally hurts them.

Love and affection are important! Strong bond can be formed by the cooperative behavior based on love, affection, kindness and cooperation. If you show anger and punish your toddler, it is stored inside and comes out later in life.

Punishment produces good behavior in toddler in early years but later it creates trouble when toddler reaches adulthood. If you follow physical punishment to correct your toddler discipline, toddler is deprived of the best opportunities to learn creative problem solving and you are deprived of the best opportunities for teaching the toddler strong moral values.

Become a role model! Loving support is the only way to make your toddler learn moral behavior based on strong inner values. You are the role model to your toddler. You have to explain and show your toddler how to solve the problems in a peaceful way. If you are calm and cool, your toddler learns the same thing from you.

You have to make routines and stick to them for proper toddler discipline. Encourage your toddler to share and discuss problems with you. Praise your toddler when rules are obeyed. Remain patient when rules are broken.

Time and patience pays! Time and patience are required in toddler discipline, but it can make parenting easier and more rewarding. You should tell your toddler that you love him even if he misbehaves. This helps your relationship with your toddler to grow stronger and your toddler learns important skills to help guide them through life. Gentle toddler discipline will pay off in the end.

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